Missions of Columbia Investments

Columbia Management is a brand of economical asset management services and products, owned since 2009 by Ameriprise Financial. In 1962, John “Jerry” and Jim Rippey Inskeep founded Columbia Management Company in Portland, Oregon; after five years, they opened up the Columbia Growth Fund, the initial mutual fund in Oregon. During the 20th century Columbia Management turned out to be the Pacific Northwest’s biggest company for money management.

In 2007, Columbia traded Marsico Capital Management back to Tom Marsico and put on the UST Advisers asset management from American Trust Corporation when that organization was acquired by Bank of America. In 2009, Bank of America got preliminary interest from BlackRock (a 49% subsidiary), Franklin Federated and Resources in assuming Columbia from Bank of America. On September 30, 2009, Ameriprise Financial, Inc. corresponded to acquire Columbia Management for U.S. $1 billion. In 2010 the Management of Columbia was the 7th biggest long-term asset manager in the America, with $355 billion in assets under management.columbia investments

The Columbia Investment Management is an entirely-owned subsidiary of Columbia University. The IMC is charged with handling the entire University’s endowments, otherwise known as managed assets. (The IMC does not handle the University’s real estate holdings, these charitable providing vehicles, or many different gifts which have investment limitations.) The formation of the IMC represents the University’s commitment and dedication to the long term investment management of the talent with the better professional standards.

Columbia Investments links with the investment partnerships and opportunities with like-minded individual investors and private equity firms. Communicating in a very polite manner and pragmatic way makes a framework for success. They are also projects that positively impact local and regional communities and economies.

They are also matched with every project with the goals of investor, bringing the right individuals together simultaneously and working together towards positive success. Common sense contributes profoundly to an excellent business. Details, integrity and listening underscore Columbia Investments’ success. Old school hard work and heading by example adds value to clients, communities and projects.

Columbia Investments uses a very high targeted approach to present and originate investment chances, making sure the best match between opportunity and investor. A person could easily learned early on that looking after the customers means listening carefully 24/7, working in the ditches and being on time. His leadership skill makes sure teamwork and loyalty in service to both companies and investors. To make the complex situation into a simple, understanding a better opportunity when available and communicating entirely with every stakeholder are tenants that lead the company to the success.

A person’s work ethic goes forward in his family and personal support of the community. Columbia Investments’ projects yield returns to investors and communities. Columbia Investments brings all the people together, talent and the opportunities, to work in concert toward community and economic goals. Columbia Acorn Funds and Columbia Funds are distributed by Columbia Management Investment Distributors, Inc., member FINRA. Columbia Funds are handled by Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC and Columbia Acorn Funds are managed under the Columbia Wanger Asset Management, LLC, a subsidiary of Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC.

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